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More than futurity, Demmi Garcia's destiny was quite pre-determined. Without question, Demmi inherited her musical prowess from her close-knit family. At 28 years of age, Demmi is the heir to music royalty. The niece to Tejano music pioneer and four-time Grammy nominated star Elsa Garcia. 

Demmi discovered the transformative power of music at an early age. She explains, "I saw the way my family was involved in music. It was a family thing and the music became more important as I got older. My grandma (Hermelinda Escamilla-Almanza, whose stage name was Linda La Norteña) is well known in Mexico and is a highly respected singer/songwriter. My grandma wrote several Regional Mexican/Tejano hits for not only for my aunt Elsa, but other well known artists like the legendary Lydia Mendoza in addition to The Hometown Boys, who recorded my grandma’s hit song ‘Aquel Amor’.” 


Like a lot of traditional Mexican families, creating and performing music together is a family affair. Demmi’s stellar production team, Victrola 5 Productions, includes her uncle, singer and vocal arranger JC Almanza, drummer and percussionist Jessie Vasquez, who Demmi fondly calls her bonus dad, her father, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Michael Garcia, and her mother, Lin Almanza-Vasquez, a songwriter who has also toured extensively with her aunt Elsa and held positions at Pace Concerts, SFX Entertainment, Clear Channel Entertainment and currently at Music World Entertainment Corporation, the recording home to global superstars Destiny's Child, Solange and Beyoncé. Demmi says, “This is not a traditional production team, but our history is one to be admired because of the diversity of our unconventional family dynamic.  It’s what I am most proud of.  I appreciate that my mom, my father, and bonus dad all get along and write and make music together. It’s a beautiful thing.”  Tejano music has served to influence some rhythms and chord progressions. "I love my musical roots, my family and Tejano music," she clarifies, "I've always been the one to go wherever my journey takes me and for now I am enjoying this musical direction.”


It was her father who introduced Demmi to her first instrument, the piano, which she went on to master by herself and it wasn't long before she moved on to guitar.  With only a few months of guitar lessons, she realized she could learn more easily on her own.  She soon found that her knowledge of chords on the guitar enhanced her ability with the piano and her musical journey of self-discovery began. Demmi has since learned and excelled at multiple instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, viola, flute, ukulele, bass, and mandolin. Demmi prides herself on being a female musician in such a male dominated industry.


With such an eclectic genetic code, Demmi continues to further her musical knowledge and is releasing her debut Tejano single on May 21, 2021 titled ‘Con Tu Amor’ which was written by her father and his brother, and was first recorded by The Garcia Band in the 1970s. Demmi re-recorded this song as a beautiful and energetic ranchera featuring the legendary David L ee Garza. Shortly thereafter, she will also release her first English single titled ‘Your Eyes Say Everything’, all despite living with a chronic illness that has left her hospitalized for months at a time.  


Demmi recently collaborated with multi award winning and Tejano music icon, Shelly Lares, and with the next generation of talented female voices in Tejano music, Monica Saldivar and Sonja De La Paz, titled ‘Nada De Ti’.  She also recorded with Powerhouse Avizo recording her grandmothers’ song titled ‘Aventura De Mi Vida’.  Both which have charted on both Regional Mexican and Tejano genres. Her first song which was released on Soundcloud titled ‘Home’ has garnered more than one million streams and that number continues to rise. Additionally, her first single ‘Sola’ which was released on all streaming platforms has garnered over 14,000 streams and counting.


The bilingual singer is excited for her up and coming releases and has already completed the recording of three English songs and three Spanish songs. Demmi wrote all the English songs.  She shares writing credits on the Spanish songs with her mother, Lin Almanza-Vasquez and other members of her talented family. She is enthusiastic about the originality of her songs and the purity of the music. "We're doing music that's all acoustic and all original, she explains. “We’re using all real instruments - No drum machines. If you hear a drum kick, that's a real drum. The music is organic and warm. We work on the lyrics and melodies at the same time with real instruments. As a producer, I definitely appreciate the use of artificial instruments and know there’s a time and place for them, however, nothing compares to the sound and feel of the real thing.” This much is evident in the album's first Spanish single titled ‘Con Tu Amor’ and her first English single ‘Your Eyes Say Everything’. 




Instagram video views - 195,000+

Facebook video views – 420,000+

YouTube views - 60,300+

SoundCloud streams - 1,200,000+




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